Kapalua Zipline – 5 Line Course – $209.00

Kapalua Ziplines 5 Line Option
The Kapalua Zipline 5 Line Course adventure begins at the Mountain Outpost. The viewing platform offers some of the most sweeping views of Molokai, the coastline and the channel between the islands. For the most part, the 5 – line course is over valleys and across open space that was once sugar cane fields that have become green meadows in the shadow of the mountains. The hikes between zip lines on the Kapalua Zipline 5 Line Course are rated as easy. The 5 line course with Kapalua Zipline is referred to as the Lower Mountain Loop. The views are staggering and the scenery is a cross of rolling hills and forest. This course features side by side ziplining. For the most part, the Kapalua Zipline 5 Line Course takes off from towers and lands on platforms. The stopping system is state of the art that brings you to a gentle stop. There is no impact from someone catching as in other ziplines.

The Kapalua Zipline course is conveniently located in West Maui and a perfect choice for visitors staying on the west side. Just remember that because of its location, it books really fast.

The vistas from 1400 feet above sea level will be something that you will capture in photos to remember for years to come.

5-Line Course: #4, #5, #6, #7 and #8,

What You Need to Know
Weight range between 60 – 250
Minimum age 10 years old
Able to carry 15 pounds
Minors under 18 must be accompanied by an adult
Participants must be a minimum of 4′ tall
No pregnant women
Lace up athletic shoes or hiking boots ONLY
No Broken bones or surgeries within the past year. Questions call us +1 808-298-4598
Over or under the required weight ranges, (you will be weighed), or a “sudden fear of heights” are non-refundable.

Available Days:
Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

11:00am & 3:00pm

The highlights of our new Five Line Tour will include the bridge, bamboo forest, waterfall, and our second longest line.

Line Lengths:

Line 4: 850 feet
Line 5: 1900 feet
Line 6: 850 feet
Line 7: 2100 feet
Line 8: 500 feet