Air Maui Helicopters – West Maui and Molokai – 45 Minutes – $199.00

Air Maui Helicopters Molokai and West Maui
Air Maui Helicopters Molokai tours operate this breath-taking adventure back in time that takes you to the remote backside of Molokai and the beautiful West Maui Mountains. Molokai is known for having the tallest sea cliffs in the world and for having the tallest waterfalls in the State of Hawaii. Known for its remote north shore with towering 3000-foot sea cliffs and cascading waterfalls, the isolated beauty of Molokai is only viewable by helicopter. The sparkle of the morning combined with waterfalls flowing from a night tropical rain make this flight both unique and beautiful. Your flight plan takes you north around the rugged north shore of Maui with views of the West Maui Mountains; then across the channel to Molokai. You will fly to Papalaua Falls, which is Hawaii’s tallest waterfall. Feel the awe-inspiring views of the world’s tallest sea cliffs and see the famous Kalaupapa Peninsula. Every point of interest on this flight can only be seen by helicopter.

Air Maui’s Perfect Safety Record
Many of the pilots at Air Maui are veterans of the US armed forces and have flown helicopters around the world for the USA. Air Maui Helicopters gives you an opportunity to see some of the most amazing sights in all of Hawaii in an incredibly safe and comfortable environment. Seeing the Hawaiian Islands in a helicopter is the single best way to see the most sights in the least amount of time! Flying these A-Star helicopters gives you the perfect chance to see Hawaii’s most incredible sights in comfort. These tours are 45 minutes long and are operated daily.

Fly with Air Maui for 45 Minutes, 60 Minutes, or Now 45 Minutes with Doors Off!
There are three great ways to the see West Maui and Molokai. The newest way is Doors Off!!! Take the classic route with Air Maui Helicopters on their newest upgraded Door’s Off tour to get the absolute best visibility and unmatched clarity in your photography. Feel the rush of the gigantic waterfalls sitting face to face with 3,000-foot sea cliffs.