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The attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7th, 1941, forever changed American history. This Polynesian Adventure Tours Pearl Harbor tour takes you on a journey back to that time when the US came together in one voice, rising to a level of patriotism that hasn’t been witnessed ever since. By the tens of thousands, Americans flocked to the recruiting offices around the country to enlist. America was at war. The USS Arizona Memorial is a tribute to those who had their lives taken from them during the attack on Pearl Harbor, but also to all those that perished during the war in the Pacific. This Polynesian Adventure Tours Pearl Harbor tour will have you walking thoughtfully through the complex that is the Pearl Harbor Memorial on Oahu. As you wander through the halls out to glimpse at the USS Arizona Memorial while waiting for the next movie screening of the attack, you will notice the stone memorials that line the lawn. Here is the remembrance to the sister ships of the USS Arizona and the names of their brothers in arms who died during the attack. The movie shown is where smiles will turn somber, where laughing eyes become sad, laced with tears. The movie is so emotional, that your mood will change and your heart will reach out to those who perished. The voice behind the movie is so perfect that, no other vocals could convey such a powerful narration. She is a Japanese-American. The boat ride out to the memorial is somber. As you walk the length of the memorial, 1200 names are etched into boards in remembrance of those who served on the USS Arizona. Looking down through the water, you can see the outline of the ship and the oil that bubbles out, still. Polynesian Adventures Tours take you on a ride through downtown Honolulu to Punch Bowl Cemetery as well, adding to your experience of Oahu. You’ll also visit the National Cemetery of the Pacific. Like its sister in Virginia, rows upon rows of the fallen lay in peace. The day concludes with a tour of the battleship USS Missouri. The Mighty Mo is maintained by veterans that span all wars in our recent history as a nation. It was on these very decks that Japan surrendered to the United States of America officially ending the war.

Polynesian Adventure Tours Pearl Harbor Highlights:
The following attractions and sights will be experienced on the Pearl Harbor tour.
Arizona Memorial & Battleship Missouri
Punch Bowl National Cemetery of the Pacific & Court of the Missing (Drive Through)
See Kawaiahao Church, State Library, City Hall, Mission Houses Museum
See Iolani Palace & Statue of King Kamehameha
Visit Nu’uanu Pali Lookout
World Famous Waikiki Beach

Hawaiian Airlines:
The carrier for the flight to Honolulu from Maui is Hawaiian Airlines. Hawaiian is the largest air carrier between the island in Hawaii. They seat 125 people and are the fastest and most reliable carrier in Hawaii.

Tip of the Day for Polynesian Adventure Tours Pearl Harbor:
The security at the Arizona Memorial has changed a lot in recent years. The Navy and the National Park Service will not allow any handbags, backpacks or fanny packs into the Memorial. A camera with no case is the only item the National Park will allow. There are no lockers at the Memorial. Polynesian Adventure Tours will not allow for personal items to remain on the bus during the stop at Pearl Harbor. Travel light.

There are none included during the tour. Bring cash for food, beverage, and incidentals. There are snack bars at both the Arizona Memorial and the USS Missouri.

This event is non-refundable once its scheduled
Must present a valid photo ID
No bags, purses or camera cases allowed at the Arizona Memorial.
Must present voucher to bus driver in Honolulu.
Do not leave valuables on the bus. Travel light.
Spelling errors can be subject to additional fees to be corrected.

Terms & Conditions:
This event is non-refundable once its scheduled. Hawaiian Airlines standard rescheduling fee applies for rescheduling the flight. COMPLETE NAME (As it Appears on Your ID), BIRTH DATE AND GENDER are required.