Polynesian Adventure Tours – Haleakala Sunrise Tour

Some people say that sunrise at Haleakala is an experience of a lifetime and with Polynesian Adventure Tours that experience is guaranteed to be comfortable and fun. Your morning begins with a hotel pick-up by a friendly driver in a spacious, comfortable van. You’ll be taken up the volcano before the start of the sunset to get the perfect position to watch and take pictures. You will hear the whispers of the wind, see the first faint rays of the morning sun as it edges ever more closely to sunrise. The clouds below turn like dyed sheets to a rainbow of colors from orange, red, gray and purple as the morning wakens in all its glory. That is sunrise on the Summit of Haleakala.

The vast expanse of windblown rock in Haleakala Crater is broken only by the towering cinder cones that reach for the sky. The entire crater floor is volcanic rock. Sliding Sands Trail, ever shifting with the breeze that has battered its rock for countless centuries into fine sand. Its gray, red and brown tones belong in another world, but they are here on earth hidden at the top of the world.

Your tour guide will share the history of Haleakala. Its history is rich in culture, scared to all Hawaiians, a place of worship, beauty, and know as the house of the sun.

Haleakala is the tallest free-standing mountain on earth. It rises above the enormous height of Mt. Everest a half a world away. Haleakala reaches over 30,000 feet above the sea floor towering into the heavens above. It’s no wonder that Hawaiian lore speaks of the demigod Maui lassoing the sun from its summit to bring eternal warmth to the Valley Isle.

The summit of Haleakala is the only place on earth that the silversword plant grows. It spikes out of the rocks like a sword, then blooms once every seven years.

Haleakala National Park is the most visited attraction on Maui. Sunrise is the busiest. Parking is limited and with the new restrictions on the number of vehicles allowed into the park at sunrise, there is no better way to witness sunrise than with a Maui tour group. The entrance has also doubled. That is another good reason to schedule your sunrise tour of Haleakala with Polynesian Adventure Tours. The admission is included. And you don’t have to spend the time looking for that open parking stall.

Mark Twain visited Haleakala. He said it was an experience he would never forget so majestic was the sunrise and wonders of the crater. When Mark Twain visited the park, he had to ride a horse, it took days. Now you can see the sunrise and be back before noon. Just in time to hit the beach!

I remember the first time I ever visited the summit of Haleakala for sunrise. It must have been in 1976. It was a long drive on a road that was dark and steep. The sunrise was priceless, the photos to last a lifetime, but I lost my camera and only have the memories of that first adventure to Haleakala.

Tip of the Day:
Dress warmly! It is strongly recommended that you dress in layers, or at least bring a warm coat. A hoodie would be perfect. You can remove the heavier clothing on the way down the mountain.

A hot sit-down breakfast is served at Dunes of Lani after sunrise. Polynesian Adventure Tours offer the best breakfast out of tour company in Maui