Alii Nui Maui – Luxury Molokini Snorkel Tours – $207

Molokini Snorkeling with Alii Nui
The Alii Nui is easily the most luxurious snorkeling and sailing cruise you will ever experience on Maui or anywhere else for that matter. With small groups and attention to every detail you can imagine, the Alii Nui sets the standard for snorkeling in Hawaii. Depending on ocean conditions, the Alii Nui visits Molokini and/or Turtle Point. At each snorkel site you will be impressed with the vibrant reefs and colorful marine life, not to mention the abundance of sea turtles. Top of the line snorkeling gear is included. An amazing breakfast buffet rivaled only by the 4 star resorts is also included. An equally amazing lunch is provided when you’re hungry after snorkeling. Maui Brewing Company beer, Mai Tai’s, Moscow Mules…The Alii Nui has thought of everything!
Once you spend the morning on the Alii Nui, you will feel any worries from the mainland completely disappear.

Alii Nui Luxury Experience
The Alii Nui is in a league all their own for snorkeling reviews at Molokini Crater. The Alii Nui is the best snorkeling trip on Maui. The Alii Nui set the bar high when it comes to service and amenities on their Molokini snorkel trip. With small groups and attention to every detail you can imagine, the Alii Nui sets the standard for snorkeling in Maui. The Alii Nui snorkels at Molokini and Turtle Point. At each snorkeling location, you will find an abundance of marine life and colorful coral reefs. Then there are the sea turtles at Turtle Point.

Every detail has been thought of and perfected by the Alii Nui. They have it All! The menus created by the Alii Nui are so far above what other charters offer. The meals are impressive, to say the least. The Alii Nui has the best menu in Maui for any snorkel trip.

The Highest of Royalty – Alii Nui
The Alii Nui is a custom-built luxury sailing catamaran. The boat is 65 feet long and 36 feet wide.
With a spacious main cabin featuring 8 tables, there is plenty of room to relax and enjoy your Maui snorkeling trip. The crew is first class; there to pamper your every desire.

The Alii Nui provides top of the line snorkel gear, boogie boards, water noodles, wetsuits and optical masks. Alii Nui also provides large terry towels for after snorkeling. Everything is included with your tickets.
After snorkeling, you can rinse off the salt water with a hot water shower.

Huka Diving:
Huka diving is like Snuba. An oxygen tank is placed on a small raft with a 20-foot hose attached to your snorkel. With a weight belt added to you, swimming under the water for about 35 minutes is a blast. The groups are small with only 4 to a group along with a dive master. Huka is a great way to take advantage of snorkeling at Molokini or Turtle Point presenting a new look to snorkeling.

Alii Nui is sponsored by Maui Dive Shop. Known mostly as a retail outlet that rents and sells snorkel gear, Maui Dive Shop was born as a small store in 1978 located at the Maui Mall in Kahului by Bob Chambers. It was a small shop that catered to locals and tourist. After years of struggling Mr. Chambers moved the store to Azeka Plaza in Kihei. This move put Maui Dive Shop closer to the visitor industry, which changed the course of history for Maui Dive Shop.

Tip of the Day:
Bring a towel & sunscreen

You must be at least 8 years old to Huka
Intro Diver are not allowed to dive at Molokini. Your dive will be at the second snorkel location.

Meals and beverage aboard the Alii Nui are in a league of their own. I am totally sold on just eating and drinking, let alone the snorkeling!

Breakfast aboard Alii Nui:
Scrambled Eggs & Bacon
Fresh Island Fruit
Croissants, Bagels & a Variety of Muffins
Cream Cheese, Butter, Honey & Jellies
Fruit Yogurts
Fresh Brewed Kona Coffee, Tea & Juice

Mid Morning Snack:
Maui Chips
Crudités of Island Vegetables
Ranch Dip & Salsa

Lunch Buffet:
Roasted Pepper & Garlic Hummus & Pita Bread
Keawe Guava Smoked Pulled Pork
Marinated Chicken Thighs
Caesar Salad, Potato Mac Salad, Cole Slaw
Corn Meal Dusted Kaiser Buns & Wheat Bread & Butter
Fresh Fruit Salad

Homemade Macadamia Nut Cookies $ Fresh Pineapple

Coffee, Tea, Juices, Soda & Filtered Water

Bar Beverage:
Locally Brewed Beer Selections: Coconut Porter, Big Swell IPA, Bikini Blond, Mana Wheat.
Domestic Beer Selections: Bud Lite, Michelob Ultra

Alii Nui Wine Selections: Kenwood Yulupa, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon Caposaldo, Pinot Gorgio

Champagne Selections: Kenwood Yulupa, Cuvee Brut

A valid photo ID is required to consume alcohol