Blue Water Rafting – 4 Hour Kanaio Coast Snorkel – $ 143.00

Blue Water Rafting is a journey to the remote parts of Maui where no other charters venture. With their 22′ Avon raft, Blue Water Rafting powers you to the sea caves on the Kanio Coast. This 4-hour adventure provides you with 2 Maui Snorkel spots and both are outstanding. This remote snorkeling location is unspoiled teeming with marine life, turtles , and dolphins. The entire journey along the Kanaio Coast of Maui is a National Marine Reserve. The dolphins are fun to watch and the sea caves are so cool.

This snorkeling tour off Maui with Blue Water Rafting explores the Kanio Coast. The Kanio Coast is rugged, remote and unspoiled. Blue Water Rafting was the first Rafting Trip to begin Maui snorkel tours to the southern tip of Maui where the last volcanic eruption from Haleakala spilled into the sea.

The regions hold many secrets from lava arches to caves that will make this day special. Snorkeling in the bay where the dolphins hang out most of the time is a rare gift when snorkeling on Maui. Cherish it, marvel at it and remember this day forever! The lava caves are cool because they are deep, and Blue Water Rafting enters the caves. Oh Yeah! No other snorkel tour on Maui enters caves. The lava arches will remind you of just how intriguing Maui really is. Remotely located the caves and arches are inaccessible by land. They are today as they were form by Haleakala.

There is something about dolphins that lure people to where ever they are. Perhaps it’s their playful moods, their smile or laughing eyes that make them so popular among visitors. They are abundant along the Kanio Coast. They play away from human eyes in their own playground in the remote bays that line the rugged coast of Kanio.
Who knows, maybe a dolphin will swim up to you and smile. That would be something to remember your Maui vacation by…

Drift snorkeling is not a new concept, but one that isn’t practiced very much on Maui. The reefs are so colorful and teeming with thousands of different species of fish that the only way to see, just a small portion of it is by drift snorkeling. Drift snorkeling is when the boat tosses out a long rope and the snorkeler grabs the rope, the boat gently moves forward pulling you along. As the boat moves over the reef, so do you. Personally, I find this outstanding. Snorkeling can wear you out.

Blue Water Rafting has been plying the Kanio Coast since 1985. They are a family owned and operated small business. Their devotion to sharing Maui with every visitor is legendary. During your adventure the crew will share the history, legends and myths of the area. This is so cool because the southern coast of Maui is the least visited area on the island. It stands to reason that the reefs are more alive with marine life than other snorkel sites on Maui like Molokini. Rafting trips are not for everyone. The boat move through the water quickly, and it can be a bit bumpy depending on the ocean currents. Rafts are light on shade and have no restrooms aboard, but they are fun.

One of the things that makes rafting in Maui unique is the time it takes them to get to the snorkel site. By having the ability to race through the water at a higher speed than the larger catamarans, you get more time snorkeling and less time looking at the coast slowly go by. It’s not a road trip, it’s a snorkel trip on Maui that you will never, ever forget.

So join us today for an adrenaline packed day of fun snorkeling with Blue Water rafting

Tip of the Day:
Bring a towel & sunscreen.

Continental Breakfast
Deli Style Lunch

No expecting mothers
No people with bad backs no neck problems
No children under the age of 6.

The Kanio Coast as a snorkel destination is at the discretion of the captain. The captain may select another snorkel site during inclement weather.