Inshore Fishing Adventures


These exclusive Maui inshore fishing are operated closer to shore in the island’s calm executive waters, making this our top recommended chapter for serious light tackle fishermen cis well as families with children, teens, and those who want to land decent-sized Maui game fish. Departing from West Maui’s Mala Wharf boat ramp and Kaanapali Beach, the Cooper V and Mercury do some fantastic bottom fishing trips. Everything is caught on light tackle. We catch some of the best eating fish around.


An incredible, fun-filled outing that is perfect for families and groups. Have the unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to charter an amazing 31′ Premium 12-passenger speed boat, having your choice of participating in a wide variety of exhilarating activities!


UFO Adventures’ inshore fishing trip utilize the fastest fishing vessels in Hawaii. At 30+ knots, Cooper V and Mercury are unmatched in their ability to get to more fishing grounds than any other vessel. The net result is more opportunities to find the bite and put dinner on the table. Depending on the weather, charter time, and guests’ ability, we can utilize various angling techniques for that once-in-a-lifetime Hawaiian fishing experience.

Private and shared charter available

Experience Extreme Tubing, Banana Boating, Snorkeling, Inshore Fishing, and Whale Watching in season on one of our UFO Adventure Charters.

Why Fly UFO?

Since 1985 UFO has continued to be the leader in safety innovations in the parasail industry.

  • Equipment & Maintenance
  • Captain & Crew Training & Education
  • Exclusive 5-Point Full Body Harness
  • Personal Floatation Device (PDF) with Head Floatation Support.

Family owned sign 1985, UFO maintains a fleet of 12 boats on Maui in their state-of-the-art 10,000ft facility.


  • 5 hour shared fishing = 199.00
  • 4 hour shared fishing = 179.00

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