Feast at Lele – $149.00

In ancient Hawaii, a luau in Maui was a gathering for entertaining the kings of the Hawaiian Kingdom. Come join us at the Feast at Lele for a Maui luau that will make you feel like royalty. Set in Lahaina, beachside at 505 Front Street, the Feast at Lele is the smallest and most intimate luau on Maui. With reserved seating at a table for just you and your party, tableside service and a menu prepared by Executive Chef James McDonald, it’s no surprise that the reviews for Maui Luaus place the Feast at Lele as the best luau in Maui. The Feast at Lele show consists of hula dances and fire knife performances from the islands that make up Polynesia. From the colorful costumes of Tahiti to the Samoan fire-knife dance, the Feast at Lele will immerse you in the culture of Polynesia.

To present a more intimate luau, the experience has been designed to be unlike the other luaus in Hawaii. The concept behind the Feast at Lele is to keep the attendance small with tables that only cater to the number of guests in each reservation. This allows for a more private affair attesting to the mystic of the Feast at Lele. The seating area is terraced. There are 3 terraces built into the luau grounds that afford optimal views of the stage and of course those special Lahaina sunsets.

Unlike other Maui luaus, the Feast at Lele does not have a buffet. The dinner is prepared onsite and served at your table by Pacific’o Restaurant. The Executive Chef and owner of Pacific’o Restaurant is James McDonald and has specially designed this 5-course feast. As each island that represents Polynesian culture begins to perform; staple foods with gourmet twists from that island group are served. With many craft cocktails on the many and a full bar in the back, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite island creations. James McDonald has earned more awards for Pacific Fusion cuisine than any other chef on Maui. Chef McDonald owns a farm on Maui where all the ingredients are grown and everything used in his recipes is fresh and locally grown. You’ll appreciate the level of service and tableside attention you receive at the Feast at Lele.

The menu at the Feast at Lele is as diverse as the dances that entertain you. With 4 island groups represented on the menu, this is a delicious feast that will introduce you to the cuisine of Hawaii.

Feast at Lele Menu
Traditional Polynesian Staples – Banana, Taro and Sweet Potato Chips served with a Tropical Ginger and Ogo Seaweed Salsa.

Hawaii Course – Imu Roasted Kalua Pig, Pohole Ferns and Heart of Palm Salad, Fresh Island Fish with Mango Sauce

New Zealand Course – Sea Bean Duck Salad with Poha Berry Dressing, Kuku Patties – Fishcake with Mussels and Scallops, Harare Kumara – Roasted Mushrooms with Squash

Tahiti Course – Fafa (Steamed Chicken and Taro Leaf in Coconut Milk), Scallops on the Shell, E-iota-Poisson Cru

Samoan Course – Supasui-Grilled Steak, Palusami-Breadfruit with Taro Leaf and Coconut Cream, Shrimp, and Avocado with Lilikoi or Passion Fruit

Desserts – Caramel Macadamia Nut Tart topped with Fruited Coconut Pudding (Haupia), Hawaiian Chocolate Truffles

Bar & Beverages: The bar at the Feast at Lele is the best out of any luau in Maui. From imported beers, tropical blends to Kona coffee the selections are just another reason that separates the Feast at Feast from other Maui luaus.